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InsidiousForce3 karma

Hi Chris. I've been in LA for a few years, and I'm slowly moving into the business. Due to where I live and my age (40s) I've met a number of people in the industry that seem great (we've met a number of times, for instance). I have done some writing and worked as an associate producer on a few indie projects, one a feature (with names! heh), and now am working on a short film where I'm doing more. At the moment, I don't see a clear path to working in features short of trying to produce my own screenplay - I don't want to just approach the people I've met that are very established saying "I'd like to work with you" because that would be weird at best. Do I just keep doing this stuff on my own wherever I can (on the side now, out of fiscal necessity) and hope for the best/to get noticed? I mean, that's what I'm doing, just curious if you have any thoughts on this you would share. Thanks