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We wanted to make a rogue-lite game that focused a LOT less on vertical progression than others in the genre.

Basically what I mean by that is that we wanted our level-up system to work more like Zelda, where you get new abilities that expand your options, and less like Final Fantasy, where you get higher stats that make your 'numbers go higher.'

We also wanted to shift the focus away from the 'lite' persistent progression and more towards variety within specific runs. Chaos Cards are our only persistent progression mechanic. We never liked this idea of unlocking items that then become available for drop inside the 'main game.'

We also wanted to offer more of an opportunity for variety and experimentation earlier in the game so that the first few floors don't seem like such a flog...

We also just hate the 'pick three' level up system in most games in this genre so we got rid of that!

The intention, in a way, ended up being to make an almost real time version of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup if you have ever played that before.

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Screenshake is a very personal thing, like your sleep number or the angle of the chair in your car!

Screenshake is fully adjustable, so you can turn it down or off if you'd like.

Perhaps we should have capped the trailer footage with a lower screenshake factor...

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WOAH! Just blew my mind... Um... I guess I could go with 'Hot Tea' temperature... but I worry that when I get really old that will be too hot for me to shower... :( I guess i'll be a smelly old man!

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Sorry, there is a slight lack of clarity in my post here.

We worked on the game for about 2 years part-time BEFORE the Kickstarter. After the Kickstarter we worked for about 7 months before the game was released. ALL of our living expenses were paid out of our own finances/savings, Kickstarter money was only spent on game assets, contractor fees, etc...

We certainly didn't live for that entire time without any income!

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We are ALL about transparency. however, I struggled to come up with a title that was both 100% clear and also not like, incredibly annoyingly long to read.

If I failed you somehow, I apologize.