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If you have the time, check out /r/slowcooking =)

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Hey Adam! Thanks for doing this. Canuck here, love your show. I have two questions for you, although I know one you might not answer.

  1. Would you consider doing a show about how horrible diapers how and how washable diapers are so much better? Cause, y'know, they are?

  2. Any options for Canadians to watch your show with the new series? Can't seem to find a Canadian distributor for it. This makes beavers cry, you know.

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We use Natures Miracle for urine clean up for our dogs, it's a cleaner that uses enzymes to break up the smell. Use it according to instructions and it'll work like a charm; we have two senior huskies who have frequent accidents and my parents (who are very sensitive to the smell), comment on how they never smell it. We get the advanced formula, which is the red bottle.

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Thanks for taking note of it! You're awesome, Adam, keep on rolling.

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Not a question, but my thanks. I was heavily bullied in elementary and highschool, and one of my bus drivers always made my bad days turn into good, even for just a few moments.

He's the one who told me not to worry about losing my first job (at.. Oh, 13-14 years of age) after two days of work, while my step father berated me. He's the one who played his harmonica while we got on the bus, chatted with me and asked me how I was doing. He's the one who brought his sculpted boat paddles, and asked me what interested me.

He made me feel special and loved. I can see that's what you do, and always remember that it'll always stay with us (26 years old now).

Thank you.