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InquiztiveGit9 karma

How do you feel about non doctors using the app as a way to view gore pictures for shock value?

How do you see the app expanding in the future, will it stay as a niche service among doctors, or be social medias answer to web md?

Are there any safe guards in place if some one sues for doctor patient confidentiality being broken?

InquiztiveGit3 karma

Hello there, Mr Simon.

I've been meaning to watch The Wire for a while now, but the issue rests on the fact I bought the DVD box set only a few months before the Blu-Ray set was announced. Normally, I'd sell the SD version to rebuy the HD version, but you have been vocal in the past about your distain for remastering the show. This leaves me in an interesting situation which has made me keep The Wire on the metaphorical "to watch" pile: is the addition of a 1080p remaster worth it for a show so grounded in depicting anachronism, or does it serve to contradict the show to grounds which have never been seen in TV before? And also, as a second question with heavy connections to the first: what is your view of films which are purposefully filmed using era authentic equipment -- such as the Chilean movie No?