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Top tip when you pour beer with a proper head I promise you it will taste better and smell better and if you don’t believe me get two nice glasses and pour half your beer into one with a flat head & pour the other half with a lovely foamy head and then stick your nose in and smell and taste and I promise you, you will know the one that tastes better

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Thank you so much for investing in us I can’t wait to show you your name on the brewery wall over a beer! It was never going to be Gunn & Innis because I knew that the guys from Guinness would be right on the case with the lawyers. It’s a great brand but we just don’t wanna have that sort of fight

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I was inspired to start Innis & Gunn because I was completely pissed off with the way the British beer scene was back in 2002 everything looked the same, taste the same, looked the same. And I just wanted to do something different that might change up the market up and so we launched the Original which I think did that and things began to change in the market.

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I love all beer it’s just always about the occasion for me and what beer goes well with what I’m doing at the time but I particularly love Timothy Taylors landlord I love steam whistle in Canada and I love the Ossian brand which is a bit of a cheat as we bought in 2016 just because I love it so much probably

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Hic...I’ve just drank the last bottle of bourbon Porter, sorry about that but I’m sure you local liquor store have got some. Thank you so much for your kind words though it’s great to hear from people who love our beer.

We’ve got some amazing beers coming next year. An amber ale matured in Islay whiskey barrels, beer matured in a Canadian rye whiskey barrel and also will be unveiling or new quarter cask project where you can actually buy a barrel of original which we're going to mature in our barrel store for up to 3 years and then we're going to bottle and send it to you.