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InnerCityTrendy434 karma

Hi Richard,

The Australian Greens often claim to be champion evidence base policy and deride others who ignore the science of climate change or the war on drugs I have two questions.

  1. Given your background as a physician do you stand by the Greens policy that GMO’s “pose significant risks to … human health.”, given this has never been shown to be the case?

  2. Will you defund and retroactively delist all of CSIRO’s patents on gene technology as suggest in your “A ban on patenting all living organisms, including plants, animals and micro-organisms,”

InnerCityTrendy15 karma

But there is a consensus, more of a consensus than climate change being cause by humans.


The greens like all political parties ignores the science when it suits them. Unfortunately you can not claim the moral high ground on these issues and your party will suffer because of it.