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What do you think of the adverse and often detrimental effects of Vogon poetry on the mental health of people?

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It seems that people are wholly unable to grasp the memory problems, even worse than them trying to imagine what depression is like.

Do you feel like you just can't seem to explain to people what it is like to constantly forget some things but not others in an apparently completely random order, to the point that you are satisfied that they have got it?
I've come to the conclusion that this is impossible, empathy just does not reach as far and too many glasseyed people take the motivation out of it.

Hope a lot of it heals for you!

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The best thing would be to destroy these corporations, they inevitably turn evil if they weren't already evil to begin with.

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Hi, would you say it is accurate to say that if the government is interested in you, there is literally nothing that will keep them from getting into your computer?
Not Tor, not VPN, not Private Browsing, no bridging, no Linux, not anything, if they want it bad enough?

Personally I am convinced of this and I use some of these counter measures sometimes as a form of saying " Hell no", but the tech companies are the biggest intelligence operation there is and as long as people support them, they will have complete access to all data and so will governments. Humans are the weak link in this.