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Warmup work of the evening. :)

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You call dibbs on something by putting it in your cart or basket. You can leave the cart or basket outside the bathroom, the cart is sacred ground until and unless it sits long enough for an employee to determine it's been abandoned.

There are no outside-the-cart/basket possession rights. That's just madness.

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Considering he put a 13-year-old kid on a security job...

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Ahhh, but I bet those are 200 bro-hugs, one-armed. Back-slaps are extra.

I'll do 200 full hugs for $100. Both arms, full body press, no less than 3 seconds duration. That's a quality American-made hug I'm offering here, mister.

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You can actually say "fuck" on reddit (as if there were not copious examples across the board). By inserting a "*" twice you formatted the italics. If you have a problem writing "fuck", use a hyphen instead, so that you can get a f-ck without creating a f-cking confused emphasis. For f-ck's sake.