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What's the most outrageous, controversial story you've had to handle on GQ?

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You speak of internet econs, but:

  • What is your opinion on actual digital currencies such as those of and like Bitcoin?


  • Where do you visualize the Internet and its communities heading in the next few years?

Reddit seems to be very reminiscent of other board-like websites, but there's still no visual / intuitive integration such as the type of deal PearlTrees is taking visaully, nor are the tools available to create something like that here. My main question about this is:

  • Are you looking into creating more intuitive inputs / outputs for users to utilize?

As far as internet freedom goes:

  • What is your outlook on the current status of our freedom?

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Everyone I know who goes to Tito's hasn't gone back. Great to see people are talking about it.

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Why did Command & Conquer go to absolute shit after Generals: Zero Hour?