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The recent New York Times article about Trump's father and their involvement in numerous tax schemes seemed pretty explosive but only existed in the news cycle for a day and a half.

So if you missed it.

Special Investigation: Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father | NYT

Edit: Gold? There was actually another user who linked this article who happened to be the second comment when I made this post. It's currently now the top for my feed. He accidentally said the report was from last year but all he got was silver. Spread the love.

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1/3 of renter's already didn't pay in March.

It was before people received their CARES ACT and before most people were processed into unemployment but still.

I just got my stimulus a few days ago so there's definitely people falling behind.

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From the future?

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The point is not the increase. The point is 1/3 of people can't afford to pay their rent in full.

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No schooling, which is rare for most techs.

Maybe it's different in Canada but there's plenty of people working on theatre in the US without degrees. Especially Carpenter / foreman types.