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I'm a Deist! There are literally singles of us!

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Can you describe how you became a Google driver, the requirements, how the process of determining when/where you drive is determined, and has anyone ever flashed you?

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How do you do, sir?

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In all seriousness, being an NSA employee, I'd be interested in your thoughts on granting immunity to Edward Snowden, what areas you feel you will have the most success working with the other side, and what was that "eureka" moment that made you decide to pursuit a political career?

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In college, I volunteered at the Western White House when President Bush was in office. He used to land AF1 just outside of town at a former SAC base that is now a technical college. Anyway, I wanted to be one of the drivers that drove the press or lower-level staff from the airport to the ranch. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of driving like a bat out of hell so the Secret Service rejected my application to drive the vans. =(