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Hey PR Team, I'm an Engineering Physics Major with a focus in Aerospace-Spacecraft Systems. I have a few questions that I'd be delighted if you answered:

1) Are you aiming on developing your own launch systems or using an existing platform?

2) What is going to be your primary attitude / secondary maneuverability systems on-board the Arkyd 100 spacecraft?

3) You have mentioned a Geocentric-LEO orbit, but what about eccentricity, synchronicity, and/or pseudo-orbit classifications?

4) Being a space nerd myself as well, I'm going down the path of space propulsion technologies, I am doing this because it sounds [email protected]$$ and phenomenally challenging at the same time. What makes you guys tick?

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I appreciate the response greatly, and maybe in the future I'll be designing propulsion systems for a company like yours.

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At this point the Ingenuity (Mars Helicopter) schedule is for 5 test flights including the initial 3m hover flight for the first (AFAIK). Mars Helicopter team members and public documents detail the charging time as approximately a day under general sunlight conditions for recharging the helicopter's batteries for full charge.

If the first 5 flights are successful, is there a planned extension of the Ingenuity flight schedule? If so, what would be some examples of destinations or objectives secondary to the original 5? Is there a priority of these next objectives?

Rooting for all of you guys!