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What are your PR's in the standard powerlifts, i.e. bench press, squats, and deadlift, also have you ever done any Olympic weightlifting?

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Sorry to hear about your father. I'm a medstudent and just encountered dementia patients, including Lewy Body dementia. A truly horrendous disease.

You are a GMO? Wow, what a great insult! :D Thank you for your answer! Have a nice weekend!

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Hey Cathy, thanks for doing this AMA. My questions are:

If you had unlimited funding, what would research/develop?

What do you think about the notorious Seralini's Rat Study from 2012?

When I try to voice the facts about GMOs and their benefits to some people I get blamed for being a shill/sheeple/random-made-up-word. What has been the strangest accusation about you that you have encountered in your job?

Again, thanks for doing this AMA. :)