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Thank you for validating my lived experiences here today.

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Omglob I'm so happy Compartes is on the list. Their matcha white chocolate bar is so wonderful

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That's a great meditation. I learned it, or something similar, from a MAYO Clinic neurologist who studies mindfulness.

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I'm a doctoral student as well and I can confidently say that I remember very little from my first two years. I was anxious and insecure and drinking a lot. I will reread papers I wrote then and just be shocked at how coherent they are. After sobering up a lot, I feel like I'm relearning a lot of the content that I attempted to learn in my anxious and inadequate state. But it helps to reflect on how much I've changed since I began. I can make it through a journal article in one sitting and often muh quicker than I could have two or four years ago. I can apply theories to real world problems as I am learning about them. I think recognizing that progress and those differences have been huge for reducing my performance anxiety and improving self-esteem.