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It seems to me that this question reached the top after he left.

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Hello Mr. Sarwark!

I have two questions.

With the increased attention the presidential ticket of the LP has been receiving throughout this election, how is it currently impacting the Party, are you receiving more membership applications or any of the sort?

And, in case the LP makes it to 5% and becomes eligible to receive federal funds... What is your position in regards to what the LP should do with them? Should the party turn them away in principle or should they keep it to help the party grow?

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From a libertarian point of view the elimination of tariffs and standardized definitions are a huge advancement of trade. That's why in principle its beneficial.

Almost every criticism except for some copyright provisions being too close to the DMCA is pretty much a misrepresentation. There's no suing governments for lost profits, there's no effects on whistleblower protections, there's no penalties for jailbreaking your cellphone, pretty much all of it is downright false.

Many libertarians myself included think copyright law in the US as it is goes too far and feel more comfortable with the TRIPS standards than the DMCA standards. I' m not thrilled with it, as I'm not thrilled with some technical aspects that affect investors rights. But I don't think they're bad enough to warrant a total dismissal of the treaty.

Having read many trade deals in the past myself... I doubt there could possibly be anything major in a deal such as this to prevent it from passing unless something like warrantless wiretapping or exchange of personal information between governments or something batshit insane like that is put on it. Which is unlikely in trade deals.

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Woah... Don't you think this will encourage Russia to run the same script in other countries and create even more areas of conflict all across eastern Europe, specially the Baltic states?