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What was the reasoning behind such a long period of secrecy? Was it of a predetermined length (i.e. they decided in the 1940s that you couldn't speak about it for 65 years), or was it decided after 65 years that it was safe for you to talk about it?

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Who does more of the writing out of you two? Do you have people hired to write some of the stuff? Thanks for doing this, guys. I'm a big fan.

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Would you be open to a new, better movie (or series of movies) based on A Series Of Unfortunate Events?

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I wish they got you to make some new designs instead of reusing TIE fighters and X-Wings thirty years after the last movie.

There are nineteen years between Episodes 3 and 4, and the ships are almost completely different. But in the thirty years between 6 and 7 neither the Republic/Resistance nor the First Order could think up any new designs?

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I believe what he's saying is to take a picture with a sign that says "/u/ossjohncardinalli AMA" so that we know it's you.