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9 hours later, still only 7 answers.
I miss when AMAs were actually Ask Me ANYTHING.

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35 year old me still wouldn't know a bunch of those.

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Point is, even with beam forming we still get -65dBm 500 feet away. You tell me what that is in watts. LOL

Each 10dB is about x10
Each 3dB is about x2
0dBm = 1 milliwatt
Let's assume -66dBm instead as it's a bit easier -60dB is about 1/1 Million
-6dB would be 1/4
-6dBm would be 0.25mW or 250μW (10-6) -60dB means you divide by 1 Million.. that's now 250×10-12...
250 picoWatts
Or... 0.00000000025 Watts
But that's all for -66dBm... -65dBm is a bit more so... -63dBm would be 500 picoWatts, so I'd estimate -65dBm as just a bit more than 300 picoWatts or 0.0000000003 Watts

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I'm a bit torn on this ama too...
The more attention his case gets, the more this sham "justice" will want to double down on it.

While I appreciate OP wanting to do the right thing, both in the initial event, and here sharing things with us and getting the word out... I'd hate to see him dig his own hole deeper.