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Awesome job guys.

What do you think of the current situation on the Ukrainian/Russian border?

Do you think this is likely to lead to war between the 2 countries?

If so do you think this will lead to an escalation with other European countries and/or NATO getting involved?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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you talk of vaccines. Is this specifically covid vaccines? or other types of vaccines?

In your experience, within the countries you have worked, how good is the medical infrastructure/health care system for rolling out this medication, on average?

If you work with covid have you noticed any changes within those systems and infrastructures that help or hinder the rollout effort? As in have these countries boosted efforts with regards to vaccine rollouts specifically for covid?

Also you are obviously aware of anti vaccine movements popping up around the world right now. I see this mostly within rich countries with more developed healthcare systems. Have you experienced anything like this within the countries you work in? Have you noticed any general shift in public perception of vaccines in general and covid specifically in many countries?

Sorry for the multiple questions.


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thank you!