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Steve, I just wanted to thank you for all hard work and this wonderful course. My journey with unices started almost 30 years ago. 11 years ago I got very sick. I was able to survive, but I am partially disabled and I can be awake only for short amount of time during the day. Then I found your course. At first I was like some people "what? Linux course for newbies? And he says that I require a VPS to fully experience that? I will take on this course and I will prove it's the most useless thing!". And then I started. I made a promise to do all the course has to offer including comments, extra curriculum and reading. After a week I was exhausted and happy. My wife said she didn't see me like that in years. I was spending all my available time to study, to follow the flow. My little OCD wanted to nitpick on things and it couldn't. Every single lesson was perfectly written. I had fun. A lot of it. External VPS means I don't care if I screw something up. I can recreate it in seconds, but on the other hand - exposed machine was giving the "Real Thing" feeling. Old sysadmin motto "you can always learn something new about your system" - was of course true in this case. I learned a lot. I learned how to be humble again and how much I have yet to learn. Maybe it sounds strange - but your course and your approach to this made me a better human - and I thank you for that.

Maybe the content is pretty standard, but the form isn't. I am telling every single person that asks me about "how to start in Linux administration" about this project.

Ok, this is AMA, so I should ask some questions :)

  1. What would you tell people that want to start their career in Linux/Unix administration?
  2. Did you met BOFH embodiment in your career?
  3. What is your way of dealing with a lot of small, but infuriating in large enough group, things?
  4. Were you thinking about making a Part Two of this course?

(BTW: expect more postcards from Emerald Isle :D)