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bipolar II

I have an adult child who in the past 10 months went off his medications and went into Mania.

The experience has been horrifying. During this phase he/she lost perspective on reality, and this person who was once a loving person towards me and others, now will have nothing to do with me.

I called mobile crisis at a time that was really scary and he/she met criteria for being taken against his/her will to the hospital.

He/she will not forgive me. As he/she have eventually gotten better and got back on meds, their opinion is still the same of me, and wants nothing to do with me. They also want nothing to do with the other family members nor his/her closest childhood friends.

This, while I continue to support him/her as they are unable to work due to the illness.

Can anyone suggest resources that I may not have encountered? I have read the book "I'm not sick" from Dr. Amador.

Looking for answers...

Thank you