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What made her confess? Do you forgive her? Did you have any chance to confront her either recently or after the accusation?

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Why do some actors become (awesome) character actors, and some leading men? Is it all looks? Is it frustrating to be typecast?

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What were the voicemails like?

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What happens to these kids when they're 40? Are they largely criminals in prison? Do they learn to get along? Do they become titans of business because they're ruthless? Are they horrible parents themselves?

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Do you think your bosses are doing this because they're monsters, or because they know what a terrifyingly litigious world we live in?

My daughter is 3, and I am extremely greatful her pre-school teachers hugs her and carries her when she's having a hard time. We're human. We need this stuff, especially when we're tiny and oral communication isn't very effective.