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Side question based on this that I would love an answer to if you find your way back to it. I'm currently in residency after completing dental school.

How do you feel about oral surgeons or dentists with extra training using moderate IV sedation on patients for certain procedures. No propofol, only versed and fentanyl with Max dosages of 10mg/100mcg respectfully.

In order to practice legally with an IV sedation license in my state, I need 25 cases under my belt which I think is a joke and not near enough to be comfortable. By the time I'm finished with residency I should have around 150 sedation cases.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these procedures from an expert POV. Thanks!

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Makes sense thanks! And yeah apologies I didn't mean 10 and 100 as a bolus. Typically we just start with 2mg versed and titrate up from there as needed but don't go past a maximum of 10mg regardless of the patients sedation level over the period of the appointment.

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Just curious, what is a hostel? You said it the first time when you were talking about staying in Tokyo, and I thought it was just a typo for hotel, but now you said it again. So... hostel?

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Idk why this is downvoted