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And the model of the super soaker... If we're talking the 2500, probably only one or two...

ImTheGuyWithTheGun84 karma

Maybe she is just upset that people are PMing you weed and pussy all the time instead of focusing on getting your wife off?

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Yeah, that didn't answer the question at all.

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I know you are getting downvoted, but you're right. This guy is asking for advice on how to get his wife off, and then following it quickly up with a sob story about her not giving him anal. Very weird... My guess is he doesn't make much effort to hear what she wants... (The username "pm-me-weed-and-pussy" might also hint at this)

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I was kind of kidding about the username - I think the sob story about not getting anal when he should be focusing on his wife is the bigger, more obvious issue.