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Since the addition of EOC led to the creation of OSRS, could you go in detail about player activity from pre-EOC, after EOC's release, till oldschool?

  • Was there a drastic decrease/increase of players at any of these points?

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Case 1

Mod Infinity moderated in-game chat and took action against people who broke rules. OP does not provide screenshots outside of the interactions that took place in PM, which is what the offenses were based off of. Mod Infinity did nothing wrong and there was no power abusive seen in any screenshot provide by OP or in the comments.

Please note, alternative actions that are better and weren't taken does not indicate actions that were taken are wrong. I agree Mod Infinity is at fault for not properly dealing with the situation, but there was no abuse of power.

Case 2 and Case 4

The legal ramifications I agree are serious, however legal issues surrounding the fansite is something outside of his interactions with Jagex. The same is in-relation to the RWT claims, which are true. Both of these topics were examined by Jagex during his recruitment process as well as later and were deemed excusable. When later addressed publicly he, of his own accord, passed over certain responsibilities to other members in the teams to ensure to the community he wouldn't do it again. It is worth mentioning Jagex is okay with hiring rule breakers, Jacmob was a fine example of this.

These 2 issues should not be held against him for his work performance. You may freely hold it against him as a person, but it's also worth mentioning plenty of people make big mistakes in their lives, and acting as if they can't improve and get better is childish. Claiming he's a "bad" person just to destroy anything he does right just makes you a terrible person.

Fansite Favortism

Aside from that, the favoritism is really bland claim. Considering fansites such as RS Wiki and Reddit receive far more Jagex interaction due to the features they provide it wouldn't be unreasonable to say Runezone's radio service (which is a separate issue) provided Jagex the platform (as Reddit does) to communicate in an alternative way. In addition, Runezone was not the only outside source in which Jmods discussed and talked with players in a podcast like style.

Finally, due to their ties with Jagex, it's far easier to have a stronger connection and provide a more secure network. OSBuddy is a fine example of type of relationship. While, yes, it provides favoritism to some degree, there's nothing over the top wrong with their relationship with these areas.

Case 3

I'll keep this short. Jagex are allowed to interact with members of the community and participate with various clans. This isn't something that should be considered wrong or bad. I agree that his actions surrounding the quashing of the appeals did appear bias and perhaps was an overstep of his actions. But as a counter-point it's worth mentioning any player (and a good portion do) can contact Infinity or other Jmods and have the same course of action applied to them, regardless of their ties. Therefore it's difficult to claim or tie these actions directly to him, but rather to Jagex's support system as a whole.

I feel this should focus more on criticizing Jagex's tendency to deal with report issues on Social media.

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I'm familiar with the number of times Botters and RWT cry out their ban was fake, and not deserved only to be called out later stating otherwise. However, there are still occasions where players have their accounts falsely banned, and then quashed upon further investigation.

A majority of these instances involve players using Multiple Accounts and multi-logging, with the trigger being a mass number of reports from players who see a large number of similar accounts doing the same thing. (Remember these are bans that were quashed.)

  • Why is this still an issue, and what's being done to prevent it?

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Infinity forged court documents.

That's implying those "court documents" (who could be filled out by anyone), were actually filled out by him. In addition, that's also under the assumption charges were filed, in which case they weren't. In regards to the rest of my stance, please read what I stated directly on that topic.

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What was the original reasoning behind creating Oldschool versus making Eoc more user-friend while it was in beta?