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ImRodneyDangerfield40 karma

Slaves get no respect. No respect I tells ya. I went to a fetish party once. I got slapped around, insulted and degraded. Some guy even used me as a toilet. I was there for a tickle fetish. No respect at all.

So my wife, she says 'Rodney, I want to fuck you hard'. I goes up to the bedroom expecting a night of passion. I'm up there for hours and I'm thinking 'Whats taking her so long? I go downstairs to see all my stuff's gone. She leaves me a note and says 'I fucked you good!'. No respect at all.

I was a slave once. I went to one of them dungeon things. I'm an ugly man though. Just not attractive at all. The slave master took one look at me and used his safe word. It's rough being me, its real rough.

ImRodneyDangerfield11 karma

Hey, you and me. We'd get along great. Real great I tells ya. We should go out some time; I'm always looking for a new ex-wife. My last wife, when she wanted me to stop she would say 'anything'. I mean it. She'd say anything to get me to go away. I'm tellin ya, if she was awake she wanted nothin' to do with me. What made it harder was that she was a Insomniac. It's tough bein' me. It really is.