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Would you change anything diet-wise?

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I got this one: it's all because of Google and search engine optimization. When you or I want to jerk it to lesbian ewoks we don't know the name of the video we're searching for. We search for "star wars ewok porn."

The way google works, you're much more likely to have your website show up if it closely or directly matches the search term. So instead of "star whores" we get films titles "A star wars XXX parody." That way you have both the full "star wars" keyword and some auxiliary keywords like "adult" "XXX" and "parody." And since the overwhelming traffic goes to the top 3 sites for any given search term, it created a "if you're not first you're last" mindset, and any competitive edge in getting your pornos seen = more revenue = boring names.

Compare this to the porn industry pre-2000's where you found porn by browsing titles at your local adult store. If you're browsing it's pretty clear what you're getting with "star whores" and a gag name might have been a competitive edge back then. Nowadays it all about dem search keywords.

Granted search engine technology is getting much more sophisticated than to need an exact match title, but from the mid-90's until about a 2 years ago it was pretty much a must-have trait to rank well for a search term. Even now you'd be an idiot to throw away good keywords in your video titles, so the boring names are probably here to stay.