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Of course it was against the Chiefs. Damnit.

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That would be the gold standard of educational television. Every kid would love it, as well as everyone that grew up with these two. That would be amazing.

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It's hard to talk shit to arguably the best running back in the NFL

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As someone with ADHD I don't know how you guys do it without it. I literally can't imagine doing college or grad school without it. I'm on 40mg vyvanse and 20mg adderall daily.

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When I moved back to an iPhone I was looking for Alien Blue because it’s what I had used before when I had an IPhone and I had no idea why I couldn’t find it, well now I know.

Because I couldn’t find it I decided to try Apollo... and it’s a great app. I bought premium within a day or two of downloading the app and it’s absolutely worth it.

Great app, keep it up!