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If he did unabridged he wouldn't be done yet.

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Brazil houses about 50% of the total population of South America. So the Portuguese/Spanish breakdown is pretty even.

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First off, thank him for his service. Does he remember any non-believers in the navy? Obviously as a minister he would come into contact most with believers. But perhaps he has some insight into religion during the WWII.

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The movement just needs new terminology. Hackspace and makers? That's the best we could come up with? Someone disrupt some better words.

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Well I was being a bit cheeky I suppose; a word is just a word. But co-opting a word as general as "make" almost seems to suggest the billions of people making things elsewhere must not be really "making things". (be it a cake, a painting or otherwise).

Hackspace I probably cringe at for the other reason, it's jargon that I (or others) don't fully understand. Does it mean doing something illegal, or unauthorized? Is it good or bad for society?