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So I actually had the same a few years ago in 2016 (I was 27 at the time) and it was somewhat similar story. I had noticed a bump on one of my balls and got it checked out and apparently it was nothing. Maybe a year (?) later it actually started hurting and I got it checked out and went to a urologist this time and sure enough, it was cancer. I had surgery within days of getting diagnosed and then did 6 weeks of chemo a month or two later as a precaution to kill any possible spread that wasn't detectable yet.

As a lesson for those reading: If you have something weird with your testicles, see a testicle expert (by that I mean a urologist, not OP's mom)

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I'm reading your comments in Saul Goodman's character and I fucking love you for it.

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I ask this question to be genuinely curious, not critical. Did you contact any US (or maybe at least NA) manufacturing options for manufacturing or explore non-China options and if so, what was the relative cost difference?

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What other things did you do the trip without?

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Curious person who knows little about physics: What other ways is the 175 watts dissipated? Doesn't it all (or most?) end up as heat energy?