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Im2bz2p3455 karma

Because USPS has a contract with Amazon, and that contract is in some respects performance-based, USPS can't afford to have too many Prime packages not delivered on time. How do they solve this? Scanning packages as delivered, and holding them at the warehouse for the next day to deliver. This way Amazon sees a higher percentage of packages delivered and is happy with USPS's performance.

Every time that I get a package shown as "delivered," when it really is not, I go to Amazon to complain and end up getting a small gift card for the inconvenience.

I wonder how long Amazon puts up with this or catches on that this is actually costing them additional money (although I'm not sure the majority of people don't go through the trouble of complaining).

A good IAmA btw! The honest responses are refreshing to see here.

~ Im2bz2p345 :)