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Is everyone greased up for the incoming Berniejerk?

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That is a ridiculous, totally unsuppprtable claim. Polygamy is every bit as natural as homosexuality, and has a much longer and deeper legal tradition. Using your logic, we could just say that loving any particular person is not a deeply held belief and is thus not worthy of protection. Polygamy is also fundamental to at least two major faiths, and is thus by definiton deeply held.

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They're both sexual preferences. There's no reason to think one is special and deserves any special treatment, because it is somehow more deeply coded into the human psyche. The burden rests with the person suggesting otherwise.

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I'm saying theres no reason to think homosexuality is hard wired but polygamy is not.

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You have failed to justify the belief that one can change their polygamous desires but not their homosexual desires. This is just the very same sort of pseudoscience that was used to justify gay conversion therapy and criminality homosexual behavior. I would have thought that in this modern era we would be beyond such heinous tactics.