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How quickly did you recoup your capital cost? Haven't broken even? Or is it just a hobby?

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It's not like you should permanently ban all tutorials, but it is better to introduce with something fun and simple. They can find things on their own when they're ready

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In high school kids are too self conscious to go into a nerdy subject. I took computer science but was massively embarrassed to be seen in the class.

Might not be the subject matter but just the environment

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Toronto and Ottawa definitely don't have the lion's share of the population. Toronto is our largest city, but Ottawa isn't. Ottawa was chosen as the capital because it was a smaller center than either Toronto or Montreal (avoiding trouble).

Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto are all major cities. All our cities are more or less huddled along the US border as the North is too inhospitable for major centers. Mid-sized cities are much more numerous, there are several in every province.

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She's eleven. He's getting a mom to allow her daughter to explore her interests in a fun way.

Your idea of fun might be programming tutorials on a Friday night, but a kid should be a kid.