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He isn't. It's partly my last name and partly the name of my best friend.

Sad -ek and Wolf - ers

And it's also fitting as we strive to be the "lone wolves" of publishing companies and not follow the mainstream

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That's an interesting idea for sure. You should do it. A method could be to enter some forums and post your idea. So that authors can write you a message with their idea. You could also start with writing a story first to show how you envision a finished work could be, for other authors or to pitch the idea to a publishing company.

I can definitely see a market for it, so my first advice :

Go for it

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It's definitely a step in the right direction. It's important to have independent publishing companies that are not part of a big holding.

As with Size of the holding, the value of the company (if its publicly traded) becomes more important than literature. So only big names get published or stories that are sure to hit a certain benchmark in sales.

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That's a great question. There's nothing that is really bad. But some things could be improved. The visibility for example, hence this AmA.

Probably the worst is that in general we noticed, that people who read are getting Less. So we try to change it by providing great stories.

There is a multitude of reasons, some just don't like reading, so we take care of having great novels. Other don't have enough time, or energy to read, unfortunately that is something we cannot change

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Yes, you can write under an Alias. Many authors do that when they write different genres.

There are 3 types. Open, half open and closed.

Open means, that it's no secret, it's just there to signal, that you write something different.

Half open means, that you don't publicly tell it, but if someone wants to know it, it can be found out (Google search or Wikipedia) and closed means that it's forbidden to reveal your true name.

So it's certainly possible, but nowadays it's more difficult as readers want to know the person behind the amazing stories