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Oatmeal and gatorade, all day long.

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And the air was pretty cold too, right?

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To all the ignorant redditors: Obviously he has access to a freakin peg leg. Getting a wooden stump is not the issue here. He's looking for a prosthetic leg. You know, something he can walk on that has cushioning and compresses under impact the same way knees bend when walking, and basically mimics the rest of the mechanics of walking on a real leg. You ever try walking on a peg leg yourselves, and then a medical grade prosthetic leg? Pretty big god damn difference.

Seriously guys.

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Is it so much the work they do, or how they feel about doing it? Was there an experiment that tested people working long hours at jobs they truly enjoy as if it's 100% playtime vs people at jobs they absolutely do not like?

Say that I'm programming a videogame, drawing, practicing guitar, weight lifting, mountain climbing, etc, tasks that are either mentally or physically challenging, but I love every minute I'm doing them. Does that mean I'm not really stressing myself, but just exercising it?

Is there a chemical difference, or does it look the same way when you a scan a person's brain whether they love it or hate it?