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Ilemhoref1 karma

What are your thoughts on the novel "earth abides"? And why do you think we could transfer our knowledge to future generations in a post apocalyptic society?

Love your book, have a nice self-isolation period.

My answers: I want the most to build my own barn and tend to my own farm, creating my own food seems utopian.

I think I could keep myself alive with my family and close friends, we are after all mostly social creatures. If they do not survive I think I could scavange for food, with a bike and my dog. Using the nearby trees I could make heat. Sadly I think I'll have to scavange for water.

In my opinion the most valuable thing to scavange for will be battery powered tools. With them it'll be much easier to build generators, shelter and most of what you'll (including ways to charge the batteries)

Ilemhoref1 karma

Hi Tommy,

What makes you love sports? Why did you choose a career in sports and basketball in particular?