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Ijoinedformickfoley32 karma

Dear Mr Foley,

It's great to have you here! I really appreciate you taking some time out of your day to answer our questions.

I know you sometimes don't agree with the current product, so seeing as he's bound to lose it sometime next year - who do you feel should take the title from Brock?

Also, being in a country that has little or no wrestling culture (Netherlands), how should one(and by one I mean me, a 20yo female) pursue a wrestling career? Even if it is just for the fun of it, I'd love to strive towards being a part of the business we all know and love ;)

Thank you. I wish you and your movie the best of luck and I hope to see you in the WWE again some time soon!

Ijoinedformickfoley7 karma

Thank you so much for answering and as always, have a great day!