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Please donate! $10 can go a long way. My disease is a science marvel and doctors are trying to find a way to control the gene so they can give this gene to people with bone loss or broken bones. All my bones that have grown are healthy. It just all the bones are not needed and disabling movement. My disease can be turn into a treatment in the future.

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You come to a point in life where its like you can be miserable to the day you die or try to make the best of it because THIS IS IT. I don't have another life or a treatment in my lifetime.

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Agreed. A therapist said that many are waiting for a version that may not come then you are always waiting. Enjoy what you have now because this may be the best it will ever be. Knowing myy disease, this will be the best I ever will be. I may not li

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the disease will eventually kill me. I lost 95% of my body's movement. The next thing to go is being able to breathe. Theres a chance that I won't physically be able to breathe and die from too much carbon dioxide build up in my lungs :/

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