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Please donate! $10 can go a long way. My disease is a science marvel and doctors are trying to find a way to control the gene so they can give this gene to people with bone loss or broken bones. All my bones that have grown are healthy. It just all the bones are not needed and disabling movement. My disease can be turn into a treatment in the future.

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It's not easy, but its my "normal". I alost 95% of my movement so I need help with literally everything. Eating, going to the bathroom, getting out of bed, setting up for the day.

I currently work for a women's charity and also edit my Youtube videos and host my own podcast!

I really only have one friend who I can trust with my life. The rest are people I just know that come in and out of my life. I put my focus on people who support and really give a shit about me. Not worth to put in energy towards a relationship when they do not reciprocate!

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No question will be left unanswered! My organs will be fine and nothing will ever happen to it. It's just the room around it is constricted.

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I heard about your lost and I am very sorry for it. Anyone that has FOP who passes, we all are told and we all send our condolences. Thanks for helping in any way you can. I greatly appreciate it!