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0:37 what it is and when it coming out? it's so FUCKING WOW

and this


really great melody, pure perfection. i like how your style is changing from tune to tune. why i have to wait so long for your every masterpiece? 13.06 Wrocław - best day of my life :D (http://i.gyazo.com/bd638fb8f7063e4a6b0a4fc53c567e02.png even borrowed some souvenirs :D) You have to repeat this. Are You planning any show in our country in this year? I have to be there! Sorry for my english, im only a poor polaczek cebulaczek from the wieś. :D MORE NEW TUNES PLS GREETZ, POZDRO (for Svetka and ms. Pebbles too ofc ;D) ps. I'm addicted to SKYWARD II and in my humble opinion Your Sleepless remix has THE BEST intro in the fucking world. YO!