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Hey guys.

I have a few questions on one topic, for Shane particularly , but interested in any input Matt or Brian may be able to offer.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to psychedelics, especially DMT. But a common feature, which I feel is brushed over most of the time, the is the undeniable fact that, human beings, can for some reason, fully "see/comprehend/visualize/experience" 4 dimensional shapes, such as a tesseract for example, while on DMT or other tryptamines.

I can't think of any logical reason, evolutionary or not, as to how or why our brains could possibly be primed for this ability, since all we have ever known, are 3 spatial dimensions.

4 dimensional shapes should, as far as I can tell, only exist as mathematical concepts. Yet, even at mid level DMT doses, we can fully perceive them.

Is there some scientific body of knowledge that has demystified this in any serious way?

Excluding all the legal and cultural reasons why people don't openly talk about their drug use, is there a reason why I don't hear serious people in the fields of science and academia talking about this specific feature of psychedelics?

I cant help but imagine what insights could be gleaned, if more people at the cutting edge of physics and mathematics, were exploring these experiences themselves.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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It is said, that Delta-8-THC on its own, produces a very gentle cannabis high, and according to some, it successfully "scratches that same itch" that most long term Cannabis smokers want in a high, but apparently its still so easy going it never really goes deep enough to cause any major paranoia or discomfort.

What are your thoughts on Delta-8-THC and its effects, and potential, if any, to replace standard cannabis products for people who are prone to anxiety? Or simply for people looking for a milder option now and again.

Or, are there any other cannibinoids which you think might be more suited to this?