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How do you deal with all his pent up energy when he is nursing an injury?

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While I agree GTX isn't the end all be all, it may be worth pointing out that the Gore Tex tested in the video is their least breathable but most protecting membrane. It is not exactly apples to apples. Although I will say the new polartec membrane is the bees knees. However that was on limited products this year.

continue to ride on the name of Gore-Tex over the superior performance of eVent and others.

realize you are referring specifically to laminates, Arc'teryx does have a history of passing on GTX softshell or other products in favor of others. Granted it is usually in favor of a proprietary material but it has always been an upgrade.

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They're releasing a fan bag in ltd qty this fall. Will be more money than an abs bag but lighter than BD

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If you had some personal equity you were looking to earn interest on, is there a particular area you would feel more or less confident in?

Do you feel comfortable having money directly related to the marijuana itself, especially with the upcoming election? Or do you feel that it's still a safer bet to be looking at nutrient, storage, etc side of things?