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Well, he's talking about burning sticks, not chopping down trees, but I agree that the average American doesn't have near enough trees to cover their heating needs. Good luck turning your fallen branches into a source of income.

Also, these rocket heaters are mass and radiant heaters. A radiant heater is not suitable for heating a house. It is suitable for heating a room.

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If you're not too busy for hate, it's time to get busy!

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They believed in themselves so strongly that they shut down anybody else believing that those people were unnecessary to their success. When they lost they pushed the narrative of "well, you better get phone banking if you expect to beat Trump" sour grapes narrative so hard.

They also loved that narrative that other Democrats never had any dedication if a Sanders supporter being mean to them made them "give up." What they failed to understand is that they didn't "give up" their beliefs, they just "gave up" trying to work with Sanders supporters. While they were out laughing at people coalescing behind Biden, they were alienating themselves from everyone else.

You don't get a say if you don't have a seat at the table, and Sanders supporters ensured that they were not welcome at the table.

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Did you read what I wrote? I agree with you on both points. I was just stating his claim that you use sticks and not chopped firewood.

The rocket stoves are extremely efficient though, something like 95% efficient since they essentially burn twice. They burn the wood, then the exhaust goes into an insulated combustion chamber where the temperature rises and ignites the smoke.

I pointed out that they were radiant heaters and were not a good solution to hearing a house.

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After WW2? Try after WW1. The Sykes-Picot agreement between Great Britain and France carved up the Ottoman Empire into spheres of influence that had nothing at all to do with ethnic or cultural lines.