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Fucking and laughing are pretty much the best things, to be fair.

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If you have Lewis Black on faculty I'm quitting my decent position in sales and applying now.

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At some point in the past it made more sense


at some point in the past some old rich dudes argued about how to resolve the issue and took their balls and went home.

Almost always the case. If I had to wager on this one, I'd say it probably made more sense having regional accreditation back in the day when traveling cross country was a significant undertaking as opposed to a few hours on a plane.

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As a Northern Californian, I can tell you that it is inevitable. It is not a question of how many, but more like average time to conversion.

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Hey man. We keep having kids and telling them its cool whoever they choose to love and we'll get there. Maybe not in my lifetime. Maybe not in our grandkids lifetime. But someday.