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How do you feel about the guy in california who got charged with a dui after cutting an officer off in traffic? He passed a breathalyzer and blood test and only had caffiene in his system. Charges we just dropped a few days ago luckily after fighting them since august.


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Are you offered any kind of incentives or reward for # of arrests made?

Do oficers with a history of making false arrests actually recieve any kind of punishment?

You seem to have a level head and i respect that, I saw what you answered about not pursing to charge someone who didnt appear intoxicated after a few beers a little further down.

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Wouldnt it essentially be the same as riding intoxicated like if you took a taxi home from a bar?

I could see open containers and drinking while riding still happening.

"'I'm sure more people will be getting drunk though, because people will generally use anything as a reason."

^ ain't that the truth.

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By false arrest i meant like the one above with the caffiene, obviously that should not have resulted in a dui arrest and he should have been allowed to drive off. Whats to stop that officer from doing it again?