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At least there's that. Maybe hearing about critical operations being interfered with, especially ones where lives can be put at risk will make them realize that their upgrade strategy isn't winning any hearts. It's a far shot, but I hope at least you guys get some form of compensation.

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AMA Request: Person rescued in wild by Survivorman

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Forgot about that. I was hoping a class action suit would form against MS for this, not so much to get recompense, but to get them to stop this bullshit. If it were a major hospital, I would expect them to use an enterprise or embedded version of Windows, but that's ridiculous nonetheless.

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I don't mind the "you own a license" part of it so much, it's the "you clicked X, so you accept," "I know you disabled the GWX update, so here's another one," "oh, btw, we found expensive program to be incompatible with 10, so we uninstalled it for you :)" kinds of bullshit that has me hating MS, but yeah the license to use vs own thing is arguably a part of it as well.

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Have Kony's child soldiers caused any trouble for operations either directly or indirectly? Is he a significant threat to your operations in any way? Thanks for what you do.