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As for me personally, I have been staying home for more than a week now, I haven't gone to any public places, even though I'm not in Wuhan.


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I'm not American so forgive my ignorance, but did the KKK actually use those ghostly costumes regularly, in practice? Where did the costume come from? Were there different varieties on that same theme, within KKK?

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So on the coattails of this question, what are your favourite programming languages now? Do you keep up on the latest ones (eg Swift, Julia, Rust, etc)?

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Do you have any plans to contact the tribal minorities in any country? Their lifestyles and even their lives are under threat in many countries, but they're voices are rarely heard.

By the way, I tried visiting ampheros.com , but the front page seems to contain nothing about minorities, it looks like a general Covid-19 news source with an international view. Nothing particularly wrong with that, since the topics seemed interesting and diverse, but you may want to represent your mission better in your front page. (Also, not sure if it's a mobile issue, but a lot of the news items were repeats, most of them appeared twice or thrice when scrolling down to the bottom.)

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I love how every thread becomes an excuse to bring in American politics. They are an international group, and minorities mean very different things in different places. Even white people are minorities in some places, and they might well cover some of them in the future.