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Do you have helicopter insurance? I had it living in the San Juan's in Washington State....was a leg saver when I fractured my leg in 3 spots and almost lost my foot (blood flow cut off to foot).

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If you are spending 2 hours per client, I would raise your rates to $25 or $30, more in line with minimum wage.

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My (M53)kidneys are slowly failing due to diabetes. I have a stable diet, but have had 3 infections in the past year that have hammered my kidneys hard. I am currently on the line between stage 3/4 of renal failure.

My doctors still want to try to control the failure with diet and pills. I do have a large number of people who are willing to be tested to give a kidney....thankfully.

How long were you on dialysis until you got a kidney? Did your dad develop issues with his kidneys due to diabetes? Does your family line have a propensity for kidney/vaginal issues? Are those dialysis holes permanent? Did you do dialysis at home?

Thanks for answering!

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I have uppers and I can't stand them. They fit well, but I just can't stand having anything like that in my mouth. So I have learned to talk without them, and only put them in to eat (though I have found I can eat most things without them too).

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Can you take water from the stream you are on? Maybe a small RO system to clean the water?