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What are some books on etymology that you would recommend? I adore your show, by the way!!

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Have you heard of r/radicalchristianity? It’s a fantastic sub!

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Hi there!

I was raised in a very conservative environment, and questions about sex were often mediated by the church. Indeed, I remember one "fun" saturday morning in fifth grade when I was forced to attend a church seminar on puberty, purity, and "God's plan for my sexuality." Because much of my sexual education happened through a homophobic church and a heteronormative public school system, the advice given in these classes grew useless as I realized that I was gay.

My question is, how should I open up a dialog about queer sexuality with my future children, and does your program offer a way to do that? There's more to sex than just mommies and daddies making babies, but even many progressive frameworks don't take LGBT identities into account.

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Do you think that this rather milquetoast statement will actually manifest in any positive change, or are you just deluding yourselves?