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Probably because they think they "never got sick" and don't attribute that fact to the vaccines, and they likely think that vaccines only have severe side effects for "some."

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There is tons you can do. You can donate proceeds of your restaurant to legal defense or various activist groups. You can use your platform for education. You could help by employing former prisoners and people with felonies. You could provide a work-study program for former convicts or something that helps with reintegration into society.

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Can you talk through a bit of the social/emotional dynamic? For instance, what do you do to make people comfortable? And you must pretend you like what's happening, and these people buy it?

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You can make an appointment with a psychiatrist or even a family doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis and prescribe meds to help you. You just need to contact a doctor.

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Men can get VAWA protection, even though the name says "women".