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What are you doing for the other 2.5 minutes?

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As we understand it, these facilities have existed since the Obama administration.

If so, why wasn't this big news then?

Also, since this only happens when people dont cross at the actual "border crossing" facilities but instead try to sneak across, what are the odds that they're really here for asylum?

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Please name one place where constructive discussion occurs between members of disparate political cultures.

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She hasn't been a journalist for nearly 10 years - it started with her Bosnian reporting where she was so clearly slanted and biased.

I would love to see her address these points but I know I'll just be down voted by redditors and ignored by camanpour.

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This doesn't really sound like a question, more a diatribe. Sadly, you could have asked the question(s) in a less douche-y way and gotten some decent answers.