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Also the "Everybody who seen leprechauns say YEAH!" guy.


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Its seems evident to me that you gravitate towards individuals that have a childlike exuberance about them. This really fits in with the personality that your films take on. Love it! Love your films! Thank you!

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Thanks for doing this AMA!! One question: Have you seen this documentary about the Catholic Church by Louis C.K?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VABSoHYQr6k (Its a short 4 min)

What are your reactions to his criticisms? Where is he 100% wrong, if any at all?

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I absolutely love the music video featuring Rows of Houses, and Leaves, Trees, Forrest! Its the most soothing music/video for me and i listen to it regularly. What inspired playing in the creek? it gave such a great aesthetic!

Thanks for your great music!

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It didnt make you chuckle at all?

It is crass, however he does raise some interesting questions. Mainly concerning the church's response to allegations, and treatment of the accused parties. Moving priests to different churches, regions, state or countries after allegations have been levied.